MIO Module


The MIO module is designed for applications with the need for control of the target PF in a compensation system using NOVAR PFC with remotely controlled outputs. Similar function of this module is to extend number of controllable outputs of the SMC 144 power quality analyser or to enable remote control with its programmatic features. 


Typical Application

  1. Remotely Controlled Outputs in Compensation Systems - The MIO controller model with 7 outputs is an optimal solution for remotely controlled compensation cabinets. If a compensation system with more than 7 compensation sections is required than two NRC units must be used. The controller(s) is/are installed together with compensation contactors and capacitors or reactors in a common switchbox. It is interconnected with remote NOVAR 1xxx NRC power factor controller (via serial communication link). The contactors are connected to the NRC 86 controller whereas the Novar1xxx NRC controller outputs stay disconnected.
  2. Expansion IO Module for SMC - the MIO module can be used as an expansion to add controllable outputs to the SMC 144 din rail mountable analyser. This application of MIO module allows remote control based on preconfigured conditions. It is suitable to provide alarms feedback to users under certain defined conditions. Another reasonable application is a load management or maximum demand management where the extended outputs can be programmed to switch of sets of appliances.