Energy management: meters and software for simple evaluation.



KMB systems s.r.o. is a privately held Czech company founded in year 1992 as a small technological company oriented on research and development of custom industrial applications. With more than 20 years of history behind us, we’ve succeeded in creation of advanced product lines for energy management and power quality monitoring. Our company designs and manufactures unique components for the most complex and demanding energy automation systems as well as cost effective instruments for everyday life.

Our range of products and services provides you a complete solution for energy-efficient and cost-effective energy management and automation. As our motto says - “Your power matters!”. And all our instruments and solutions just let you utilise your electrical energy as much as possible. With proper monitoring and control the operation gets faster, easier, more accurate and thus efficient. We can help you reduce your operating costs, improve energy consumption and increase lifetime of many connected appliances. Lets optimize energy efficiency of your processes, systems and equipments in accordance with common regulations and standards like EN 16001:2009, EN 50160 etc.

With our devices providing important actual and historic data about energy utilisation and quality which are stored in database for further deep analysis, you can consider the system as a black box full of crucial data for your troubleshooting, planning and day to day operation. You have opportunity to actively manage all the processes in your company. That is a great opportunity to make all your processes clearly measurable with well defined principles and concrete optimization results.

Wide range of our meters, data loggers, power monitoring devices, power quality analysers and power factor controllers together with the complete ENVIS software for analysis and the related database solution can be used in countless applications and installations in areas of industry, infrastructure, manufacturing and processing, commercial buildings, building technology, data processing centers, hospitals, power utilities and private premises.

As the prices of energy increase every year and the complexity of systems and equipment  also grows the energy management is becoming more important then ever. Manage your electrical energy wisely with KMB systems and achieve noticeable cost savings. We are prepare to fulfill your wishes with individual, flexible and tailor-made solutions.

Modular system for all energy management needs

Energy management systems are complex and varying by its nature - whether it is building management, monitoring and control of industrial machines, supervision of solar power plants and other distributed generation or monitoring of DC loads in modern data centers. Our instruments are modular and flexible to connect and cooperate in complex PLC/SCADA systems.

With Modbus Master modulethe system can integrate simple units into local complex solutions.

Compact enclosure and split core CTs are designed for simple, fast and reliable installation. Offered is broad range of communication options: 2xRS485, Ethernet, USB, WiFi, ZigBee, M-Bus. Modbus Master firmware extension allows them to be used as local data logger for other instruments. Our metering instruments and analysers integrate well with NOVAR based APFC systems and with the ENVIS software/database for energy management.

Advanced transducer and energy meter PA 144 and PA 118

PA 144, PA 118 is an advanced meter and transducer designed for remote monitoring of consumption and other common parameters of electrical energy. The DIN rail display-less enclosure with multiple communication options suits a wide spectrum of automation tasks - industrial automation processes, modern building management systems, machine supervision, load management etc. It is also a base building block for complex BCPM systems (Branch Circuit Power Monitoring/Meter).

PA 114 and PA 118 din rail power analyzers [*]

Compact analyzer, energy meter & data logger

SMD 118 - smart meter for DC loads and DC generation

SMC 144, SMC 118 is a 6-DIN rail mountable multifunctional instrument with 512 Mb internal memory to store logs, electricity meter readings (load profiles) and aggregated measured values. It is an ideal cost-effective source of data for energy management systems. It continuously measures and records frequency, voltages and  currents, active, reactive and distortion powers, THD and up to 64 harmonics. Optionally it can also record voltage and power events, transients and ripple control signals (mains signaling voltage).

DIN rail mountable AC meter, analyzer and data logger [*]

Combined 8 channel AC and DC power analyser

SMD 112, SMD 118 measures up to 8 DC lines - 8 current channels and 1 common voltage. It is a great tool to monitor multiple loads in a switchgear in parallel - such as individual strings on PVE, DC circuits in panels of smart buildings or production lines and complex industrial appliances. This includes DC motors, frequency converters, battery chargers and power supplies. It also has 512 Mb memory and records same parameters as SMC plus the DC voltage, currents, powers and energies. Split core (Hall) CT sensors make installation fast and simple.

Din rail mountable DC analyzers and data loggers [*]

Panel mounted analysers with graphical display

SMZ 133 and SMY 133 are panel measuring and registering instruments with precise continuous measurement, internal 512Mb archive for data logging, built-in electricity meter with load profiling, rich set of optional remote communications and expansion modules - Modbus Master to control and display slave instruments and Ethernet-to-Serial to connect those slave devices directly to remote control computers. SMZ 133 is 144x144mm panel mounted unit with large grayscale display. SMY 133 is a 96x96mm compact panel meter with smaller color display.

Panel mounted power analyzers [*]

Advanced built-in power quality analysers and data loggers

ARTIQ 144 is a precise analyzer according to IEC 61557-15: frequency class 0.02, voltage and current class 0.05, THD and harmonics class 1, active power 0.2, reactive 1 etc. Thi is seriously precise. ARTIQ measures power quality acc. to EN 61000-4-30 ed.3 class A without compromise. It evaluates voltage and current  according to EN 50160 ed.3, up to 128 harmonics and interharmonics (61000-4-7 ed.2), has flicker meter (IEC 61000-4-15 ed.2.), unbalance, voltage events, transients, detailed precise load profiles and many more. In energy management systems this is the top level.

SMV, SMP and SMPQ 33 are basic class S power quality analyzers with graphic display and communication options for easy system integration. It measures all electrical and power quality parameters, records events and disturbances. It provides basic event logging, 4/6-quadrant three-tariff electricity meter with load profile archive and complete data for EN 50160 power quality analysis.

Basic panel mounted power quality analyzers [*]

ENVIS and SMY, SMZ in energy management applications

Portable load monitors and power quality analyzers

NEMO and SMP-BX data loggers are useful for troubleshooting issues throughout the whole supply network. This advanced portable analyzer measures power quality according to EN 50160. It also serves well to analyse customers needs like to measure load profiles, record distortions, transients and events. In other application NEMO 104 is a great tool to collect data for designing of an automatic power factor correction cabinet, to troubleshoot protection problems, to connect new loads or analyse an existing one. NEMO supports easy to manipulate flexible current probes SPQI.

Portable energy and power quality analyzers [*]

ENVIS for energy management.


Our instruments are configured and operated with the ENVIS application, free of charge. This application provides configuration, data acquisition, data analysis, reporting and file based or SQL server based data storage. For simple processing all data can be exported to standard formats such as EXCEL or IEEE PQDIF.Special requirements can be added to ENVIS via custom made plugins.

ENVIS supports intuitive reporting.ENVIS.Online is an automatic system service for automated data download in large systems. Ensures periodic reading and record of measured data from installed instruments to the central storage. Based on user-defined limits it can monitor parameters and generate reports and alarms. E.Online also provides live view of the device statuses and allows direct supervision of the whole infrastructure. ENVIS also understands data from M-Bus or ModBus meters already installed.

ENVIS.EM - ENVIS for energy management is a special purpose application for complete energy data analysis. It uses the same SQL server or file data sources for processing as the rest of ENVIS application suite. It supports multiple users with different roles and access rights. ENVIS.EM analyses energy efficiency and provides executive overviews, summaries, analysis as well as detailed report information about costs, losses and power consumption trends.